Frequently Asked Questions



We primarily like to shoot outdoors with natural light. Candid shots of people just being themselves and capturing those genuine moments unexpectedly! We enjoy various styles of photography including lifestyle, documentary, fashion / glamour to name a few. Head shots and portraiture are awesome, and sometimes, I get experimental with various forms of trick photography such as floating, cloning, light streaks, and much more!
We're based in the city Baltimore, MD. Our photography, videography, and design services are available to anyone wanting to hire us! We love to travel! Airfare and/or other travel expenses may apply to sessions scheduled over 10 miles outside of the primary service area, and the fee is always included in the cost of the service.
Best way to get in touch is by sending an email to info@ascendingicon.com or giving us a call on our toll-free hotline, 855-242-8624.
YES! We do all our own editing, retouching, color grading, etc. We never ever outsource!
Ascending Icon Media is proud and happy to offer installment plans! We know what it's like to see something you LOVE and not be able to afford it. Contact me to figure out a monthly payment that would work for you!   Generally, to start a payment plan with Ascending Icon Media, you must place a down payment and sign a contract. The higher the down payment, the lower your monthly fee will be!   Your session may be booked once 50% of the balance has been paid, although no images or products will be delivered until the remaining amount has been paid in full. All payments made are non-refundable.   A non-refundable $500 deposit is due at the time of booking. You have the ability to make payments at your leisure (along with the minimum monthly payment) until TWO WEEKS before the wedding date. At this time, your balance must be paid in full or services will not be rendered.
No. During post production, We delete duplicate images, test shots, missed focus, shots with bad expressions and other images that may not be useful to the overall concept. Candid expressions usually make for some of the best shots. Each photography session includes a limited number of digital file downloads from the online gallery provided. If you wish to purchase additional photos from your session, simply upgrade your digital collection. Weddings and half day sessions include high resolution digital files of ALL images received in their online gallery. A FULL session may have 30-50 maximum of the best shots.
It depends. Sometimes, we may keep a lot of the work we create for marketing purposes. To maintain your collection 30 days after the completion/session date, there is a yearly service plan of $99 to keep your files on our backup drives. We recommend that you invest in your own storage devices, or utilize services such Dropbox to maintain your data. Otherwise, we are not held liable, nor are we responsible to recover data, images, projects, etc. that you have lost, damaged, or have had stolen after the 30 day period of service completion. Now, if we DO happen to have your project files or images, and you need them, there will be a $99 service charge to provide you with the data that we have available. Any edits to the work still will be sold separately.
Mostly outdoors and and various locations depending on the style and overall vision of the session. It could be at your home, a beach/lake/waterfall, a studio, a hotel, you name it! We’ll help you scout for a good place to capture your images if needed.
Yes, just not often! We know of a few studio locations that are superb in quality. We also have (and can acquire additional) lighting and backdrops to transform almost in location into and a studio-like setting. Studio sessions require additional service cost, scheduling, and setup, so it's best to plan accordingly.
It really depends on the look you’re going for, and will depend on the type of session your having. Let me know if you’re freaking about wardrobe. I’ll offer advice on what to do if you’re in a pinch.
Sneak peek after 48 hours (just a few photos). Delivery via online gallery in 2-3 weeks. Digital files are available via instant download. Print & Product Delivery: 2-3 Weeks (Rush option available and will incur additional fees)   Albums: 15-day (standard) and 7-day (rush) processing turnaround, plus shipping. WEDDINGS: You will also have a sneak peek within 48-72 hours, but online galleries will not be available for viewing for at least 90 days from the date of the wedding.
No. You get a partial print release, to print the image you've purchased WHEREVER you like. Mpix is a great consumer lab for affordable. We don’t recommend places like Wal-Mart, however I understand how convenient it may be to get prints by visiting a place you already frequent. Unless you're a high profile celebrity or a government spy, there's no need to actually transfer copyright. That would result in you having all rights to the image, as if you took it yourself. It would also leave me with NO rights to the image, as if I never took it at all! You may obtain full copyrights for an additional fee if you don’t want me to post your images or use them in my marketing. I will draft a contract that's the opposite of a model release for your protection.
You can post any high resolution digital file you've purchased! We'd especially LOVE it if you add a photo/video/design credit to us using the following or similar format in the caption or comments.: Photo/Video/Design by Ascending Icon Media Instagram: @ascendingicon Twitter: @ascendingicon Youtube: @ascendingicon Facebook: Ascending Icon Media This really helps with word of mouth advertising and simply gets our name and brand exposed to more people! That way the next time someone is thinking about having photos, graphics, or videos done, they'll think back to YOUR work and say, "Hey! Let's call Ascending Icon Media!"
Our gear is always evolving. Currently, we shoot mostly with the Panasonic Lumix G7. We have a plethora of lenses which are mostly vintage, manual, prime lenses that we use with the help of a lens adapter or speed booster (special adaptor that helps more light reach the sensor of the camera, as well as increase field of view). I may utilize prisms, freelensing, and more to play with focus, blur, flare, leaks, etc. to play with color, reflection and more for creative style.
Best way to get in touch about your wedding is by sending an email to info@ascendingicon.com or giving us a call on our toll-free hotline, 855-242-8624. We'd love to create something timeless and special for you, and have "Pick & Choose" system to obtain the photo, video, and design services you need most, based on the budget that you have available.
Yes, we are available for Destination Weddings! The only additional things we suggest our clients are responsible for are as follows: 1) Airfare 2) Baggage fees 3) Hotel accommodations (typically 2 nights but dependent on the length of the event) 4) Rental car (typically 3 days but dependent on the length of the event) 5) Per Diem: $30/day per photographer for meals on travel days and days not on the events Again, these things are normally included during the Project Proposal, Invoicing, and Agreement stages, before booking.
By default, no. We highly recommend hiring a second shooter with us in your wedding package. There are certain moments that you really need to capture in order to tell the whole story. For instance, when you are getting ready AT THE SAME TIME AS one another or when the bride is walking down the aisle and you want photos of your spouse's reaction as well as the iconic shot of you descending down the aisle. Believe me, you want 2 shooters.
Ascending Icon Media partners with several professional labs to provide you with the best prints, gallery wraps, albums, and more! These products are included in several packages or you can purchase them separately. Not sure what to order? We're always happy to assist you with creating masterful wall murals, galleries, and more.
No. Engagement sessions are complimentary gifts that we provide all couples who purchase one of our wedding packages. These sessions are MANDATORY and that's because we've learned that they are crucial to the process. These sessions provide you with the chance to get to know your photographer a little bit better. Things are more relaxed and you can easily chat while getting some great shots. This makes your interaction together much easier on the big day and eliminates the awkwardness that's there in the beginning.
Certainly! Just give us a call at 855-242-8624, or send us an email via info@ascendingicon.com.